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幫助 (常见问题)

Machineseeker is the world's leading online marketplace for used machinery. Over 200,000 offers from more than 8,100 sellers are currently online. As a potential customer you can send an inquiry to the seller free of charge and without registration or contact the seller directly by telephone.
As a buyer, you will find 200,000 工业机械 of all categories on the marketplace. A purchase inquiry is free of charge for you and without obligation. 卖家通常会及时与您联系。 A potential transaction is not conducted through our marketplace and we do not receive any commission.
使用屏幕顶部的搜索栏,如 Google 搜索。 输入要查找的机器或车辆的名称,然后按 Enter 键或点击放大镜。 在搜索结果列表中,你会发现所有符合你搜索查询的相应广告。 点击所需的报价,查看详情并发送查询。 You also have the option of searching in the individual categories.
你可以直接通过电子邮件向供应商发出询问。 只需使用广告右侧的蓝色查询表或蓝色的联系供应商按钮(左下角)。 你也可以在查询表下找到电话或传真号码。 如果您点击供应商的名字,就会打开贸易商的资料(如果有的话),其中有关于您潜在商业伙伴的进一步信息。
一条信息很容易丢失或最终进入对方的垃圾邮件文件夹。 请再次联系供应商--如有必要,可通过其他方式,如电话或传真。 我们自己只有广告中公布的数据。
Via the dealers search you can display individual dealers. 要做到这一点,请使用左上方的搜索线或通过调用一个类别来点击供应商。 Via the menu Search > Submit request you can send your request to all dealers of a category.
Recent auction highlights can be found here.
数据保护是我们的首要任务。 为了防止数据被盗,水印和/或代码因此被输入文本中。
Sellers must adhere to our marketplace rules when creating advertisements. 这包括,例如,及时删除或暂停已售出的机器。 You can use the button "Report listing" in the respective listing to send us a message if a listing violates our marketplace rules and e.g. has already been sold.
Please contact us immediately so that we can check the case and take further steps. If a listing violates our marketplace rules, you can also forward your complaint to us via the button "Report listing" in the respective listing.
The Machineseeker trust seal gives you the opportunity to see at a glance whether you are dealing with a trustworthy seller. 我们检查贸易商的贸易许可证或商业登记册的摘要以及邮政地址,核实银行的详细资料和电话的可用性,然后我们最后起草一份信用报告,其中不得包含任何负面特征。 此外,我们不能对卖家有任何投诉。
机器请求通常是免费的。 Via the menu item "Search" select "Submit request" and follow the further instructions. 你选择一个主类别和符合你搜索查询的子类别。 现在在提供的字段中输入你的数据。 所有经销商--所选类别--将收到您的购买请求。 通过这种方式,你可以接触到大量的供应商,并可以指望获得高的回应率。 因此,请考虑点击你喜欢的 "回复路径"。 Finally, click on "Send inquiry".
通过这个所谓的验证码,我们可以确保你不是一个自动发送请求的机器人。 通过这种方式,我们保护我们的交易者免受垃圾邮件和完全泛滥的电子邮件收件箱的影响。
Machineseeker is the world's leading online marketplace for stationary used equipment. Over 200,000 used and new machines are offered on over 60 international platforms. The more than 11 million website visitors per month can send a mail inquiry to the dealers or contact them directly by phone.
No, Machineseeker does not buy or sell any machines itself. Machineseeker is an Internet company and operator of the online marketplace on which more than 8,100 sellers currently offer their machines.
Over 11 million relevant and highly interested visitors visit Machineseeker every month. 你的广告正好达到你感兴趣的目标群体。 Every month, used machines worth over 700 million euros are requested on Machineseeker. 潜在买家可以直接通过电话或电子邮件与你联系。 Nowhere else will you sell 机器 faster, easier and more profitably.
不!作为一个供应商,你只为你的广告付费。 该市场对买家和感兴趣的人来说是完全免费的。
The dealer tariffs are intended for machine dealers and offer additional convenience functions such as data import or listing spider (from Händler PRO 100). 我们的一次性卖家关税不是为经销商准备的,而是为那些希望快速销售单台机器并从中获利的制造公司准备的。
No! All advertisements published on Machineseeker.com are automatically and free of charge displayed on the worldwide more than 60 country versions of our international portal Machineseeker, as well as on Werktuigen and Gebrauchtmaschinen.de. Our platforms reach potential buyers from over 150 countries around the world in more than 45 languages!
当输入你的广告时,你可以提供几种语言的信息。 如果你不手动操作,你的报价将被机器自动翻译。 不幸的是,这里不能排除小的错误率。
  1. Go to the Machineseeker main page www.machineseeker.com and click on sell now in the top centre or sign up in the top right.
  2. 闲暇时可以看看我们不同的收费标准。 将鼠标的箭头移到问号上,可以获得更多的信息。 If you do have any additional questions, please reach out to your personal contact Moritz Gisy with +44 20 806 810 84.
  3. Select a tariff that suits your needs by clicking on "Select tariff".
  4. Enter your data and click on “Next”.
  5. 您现在已经成功注册了! 经过简短的检查,您的客户账户将被激活,您将收到客户号码,您可以用它来登录--同时还有您的密码。
  6. Go to „PLACE AD“ at the top of the menu bar you will find the sub-item „Place ads for machines“. 点击它。
  7. 现在按照进一步的指示。 If you do have any questions, please call our support with +44 20 331 800 72.
Please follow our marketplace rules when creating your listing.
有兴趣的人可以使用广告中的 "发送查询 "表格向您发送电子邮件查询,或者在那里显示您的电话和传真号码。
When entering your advertisements, dealers can choose a publication period between 1-12 months. 在您选择的期限届满后,这些广告将自动从我们的数据库中删除。 然而,你可以选择在广告过期前续约。 我们将在广告关闭前十天通过电子邮件通知您。 一次性卖家的广告会一直在线,直到被删除。
The listings of one-time sellers appear with a time delay of 24 hours on our marketplace. 在这段时间内,这些优惠由我们控制,专门提供给注册经销商销售。 因此,您将已经收到您的机器的第一批购买报价,即使您的报价还没有在我们的平台上上线。 After 24 hours your listing will be regularly displayed on our marketplace.
所有广告在激活前均由我们检查。 This can take up to 24 hours.
分析表明,如果你详细描述你的报价,你会收到更多潜在买家的询问。 例如,有图片、技术细节、建造年份、地点和状况的广告一般比信息不全的广告被要求更多。
For retailers: With the Machineseeker trust seal and an informative retailer profile, you can significantly increase inquiries and sales.
你必须登录后才能这样做。 If this is not the case, please click on "Menu", "Login" and log in with your access data. 你将被直接带入你的用户账户。 Now use the green button "+ advertisement" at the top of the screen. Now you can easily display advertisements by clicking on the adjacent buttons "Show", "Change", "Pause", "Delete", "Extend" or view the respective "Statistics". You can also activate, pause or extend all advertisements at the same time via the menu item "Changes to all advertisements". Especially dealers with many listings can easily find their ads using the „Quick Search“ or „Power Search“. By clicking on "More" in the line "Sort" you can also sort all advertisements according to certain parameters.
Please clear your browser cache. 当你再次调用该广告时,你应该会看到当前的照片。
The number with listings in search results represents the number of times your listings have been displayed in the search results. Direct advertising shows the number of times your listings have been visited. The Sales Inquiries counter measures the number of requests emailed to you.
一旦您预订了零售商运价,您的运价中就会包含所有数据导入选项(Excel 手动导入、CSV 自动导入和实时 API)。 您可以使用导入功能将您的广告添加到我们的系统中,并自动保持更新。 Further information can be found in your user account. For technical questions about the import function, please contact our customer support.
With our cost-effective advertising system, you can target over 11 million users per month on auf Maschinensucher and/or Machineseeker. Start advertising now for as little as 69 with a focus on your field of business. We will be happy to consult you at +44 20 806 810 84. Registered users can book advertising campaigns directly via their customer account.
With the Machineseeker trust seal we certify trustworthy dealers. 因此,来自世界各地的潜在买家可以一目了然地看到哪些卖家已经被我们检查过。 作为一个商人,你可以从买方的信心中受益,增加列表、查询和销售。
在Maschinensucher,我们相信我们提供了一个伟大的产品,而且价格非常公平。 Convince yourself and sell machines with us for 12 months – free of any risk. We just apply one condition to returning your money, which we believe is fair: You are a machine dealer and consistently offer at least 10 machines during the contract duration. 如果事与愿违,在期限届满后,您不相信我们的报价,我们将退还发票金额!
As a registered customer, you can recover your password here.
在你注册之后,你通常会通过电子邮件收到我们的发票。 发票是通过银行转账、信用卡支付或通过PayPal结算。 We also offer direct debit mandate.
Please send us your cancellation in writing by fax or mail to: Contact.
我们也很乐意处理电子邮件 - 但请确保你收到我们的取消确认。
Please contact us immediately so that we can check the case and take further steps. Should a listing violate our marketplace rules you can also forward your complaint to us via the “Report“ button in the respective listing.
数据保护是我们的首要任务。 为了防止数据被盗,水印和/或代码因此被输入文本中。
我们的支持团队将很乐意帮助你。 You can reach support at +44 20 331 800 72 or by e-mail at info@machineseeker.com .